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Natural tips to combat fatigue Part 2

How often does fatigue get in the way of you achieving your goals?  

Well, we have some good news for everyone who’d like to boost their energy levels or avoid fatigue altogether! 

Our Naturya Ambassador Emma @emmablondevoyage is back with more tips on how to combat fatigue for good, using only natural methods. Emma suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for many years before discovering and implementing some of the best natural strategies for preventing and managing fatigue. If you haven’t yet read the fantastic tips she shared with us a few days ago, don’t forget to check out the blog here.


1. Minimize stress in your life

“Over time, stress can cause tiredness and exhaustion. When your body is in a constant ‘stressed’ state (known as fight or flight mode) the result is that the sympathetic nervous system is switched on. Originally the sympathetic nervous system evolved to switch on only in times of danger but when it comes to chronic stress it remains switched on all of the time which can lead to ‘burnout’ or adrenal fatigue. Removing stressors from your life will help get your body out of this ‘fight or flight’ state and return it to a parasympathetic state which is essential for the body to heal, calm itself and improve energy levels.”


Start by reflecting over your daily routine to identify what brings stress into your life. While some stress triggers may seem impossible to remove, you will discover that they may be much simpler to deal with if you implement techniques such as journaling, time blocking, controlled breathing, and doing some form of daily exercise.

Learn how as little as 10 minutes of daily self-care can help improve your mood and decrease stress levels here. Add a cup of turmeric latte, or cognition hot chocolate to your relaxation routine for a boost of mind-nourishing nutrients.


2. Get high-quality sleep

“An essential step to decrease chronic stress levels, sleep helps to repair the damage done by daily activities and to conserve energy for the next day. If you have poor quality sleep at night then you will often experience fatigue in the day time. If you struggle with sleep issues my top tips are to reduce stimulants in the evening such as: having caffeine after 4 pm (why not try a Maca treat for your afternoon energy boost instead?), watching TV late at night, dealing with stressors such as phone calls or family matters. Instead, try to switch off technology an hour before bed because technology emits blue light which suppresses the production of melatonin –⁠ the natural sleep hormone. It is also recommended to head to bed before 10 pm. Also be sure that the temperature in your bedroom is slightly cooler, with no light so you sleep through the night. “


3. Check your thyroid and adrenal status

“Work with a functional medicine doctor, holistic healthcare practitioner, nutritional therapist or naturopath who is able to run private lab tests to check your thyroid function and the status of your adrenal glands. Regular thyroid tests at your GP give an idea of what is happening with central thyroid regulation but it doesn’t show peripheral regulation inside your cells which is where many thyroid problems happen! If your results are abnormal your practitioner will be able to help you with lifestyle and supplement recommendations based on your results to help improve your energy levels.”

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