Meet Neleta

Meet Neleta

Neleta @nourishflourishnutrition

Neleta is a Nutritional Practitioner, recipe developer and food photographer. She absolutely loves food and swears by its ability to benefit overall health and also make us feel great.


“My personal ethos is that it’s not about restrictions but about eating with balance! I am a mum to an amazing boy who thankfully loves food just as much as me and certainly enjoys eating all the nourishing foods that I create.

I love Naturya’s products because they're great to add to so many different dishes from pancakes, porridge and smoothies to risottos, savoury crepes and baked goods. They're the perfect addition to help support our health and wellbeing.

I am a major chocoholic and love Naturya's delicious Cacao Powder, which is packed with wonderful health benefits, amazing health-boosting nutrients and mood-boosting chemicals. So, I make sure to include it into my breakfast and snacks pretty much every day."


Neleta's favourite quote: Enjoy the food you eat, nourishing your body and your soul.

Neleta's favourite Naturya product: Cacao Powder

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