Naturya Ambassador Lauren

Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren @laurensgutsylife

Lauren is a holistic health enthusiast who believes that balance and variety are  the recipe for a happy and healthy life, physically and mentally. She "keeps life guessing for less stressing" by walking a new track, trying a new ingredient each week or trying a different style of exercise.

"I am breakfast obsessed, it's my favourite meal of the day and whatever mood I am in, I can always find a Naturya product or two to pimp my oats, dust my waffles or give my coffee a kick and know it's packed with gut & brain loving micronutrients!

When not in lockdown I am happiest in the sea or hiking up a mountain! I am recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, so you can find me chatting all about how I'm learning to find a healthy balance of movement & food to not stress out the female body & reproductive system. "


Lauren's favourite quote: Positivity breeds positivity.

Lauren's favourite Naturya product: Organic Cognition Blend

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