How to use organic Functional Blends to boost your health in winter

How to use organic Functional Blends to boost your health in winter

It’s well known that heading into the cold winter months makes you more susceptible to colds & flus, however, low energy levels and brain fog can also create several barriers to living your most active lifestyle in winter.

What usually happens is that individuals tend to either flip their diet on its head to tackle winter health problems or simply resign to not feeling well for a few months.

Anyway, these approaches are neither the wisest nor the most sustainable. Instead, take small natural steps every day to build a routine that supports all-round health.


  1. Start your day with our Organic Energy Blend

Waking up feeling exhausted sounds familiar? Experiencing this is particularly common during winter months when your sleep-wake cycle can get disrupted by variations in light exposure. Nonetheless, you may inevitably continue to wake up before sunrise due to work commitments, reach for a third cup of coffee even before lunchtime, and have dinner late in the evening. At the end of the day, such habits can affect your sleep quality and, as a result, your energy levels.

So how can you boost your daily energy levels naturally?

One of the first things you should definitely do after a night of sleep is have a hydrating drink - unfortunately, coffee doesn’t count. Hydration will not only help you quench your thirst, but it will also fire up your metabolism, energise your body and support your psychological function.

If water on an empty stomach doesn’t appeal to you or you’d rather fuel your body with a load of nutrients while hydrating, our Organic Energy Functional Blend is a fantastic, convenient addition to your morning drinks. The Organic Energy Blend includes a comprehensive range of superfoods to support normal energy metabolism. A single serving delivers over 2 times of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, as well as copper and manganese.

Along with being a clean, caffeine and sugar-free source of energy, our Organic Energy Blend has a delicious banana taste from real fruit making it a great addition to breakfast smoothies and juices. Our favourite recipe incorporating the Organic Energy Blend is the Exotic Energy Smoothie bowl. Why not give it a try to supercharge your AM workout?


  1. Conquer the 3 PM slump with our Organic Cognition Functional Blend

Just when you thought that you had one of the most productive days of the week completing an amazing number of tasks, the afternoon slump hits. That’s when you start reaching for sugary treats and the 3rd or 4th cup of coffee, determined to maintain your top-notch performance. Nonetheless, nothing seems to be working.  Does this situation ring a bell?

Experiencing frequent afternoon slumps and decreased cognitive function may indicate a range of underlying nutrient deficiencies, some of the most common being iron and iodine.  The good news is that our Organic Cognition Blend contains high-quality iron, iodine, copper, manganese and potassium-rich superfoods to support cognitive function and protect against oxidative stress, which was found to be associated with chronic fatigue. What’s more, our Organic Cognition Blend is sweetened with organic date powder and lucuma and has a delicious chocolate taste to keep sweet cravings at bay. Make it into a creamy hot chocolate or stir it into yoghurt!


  1. Boost your immunity with a refreshing afternoon snack.

Maintaining a strong immune system is essential for anyone who wants to live life well. Realistically, how many individuals can get a good night sleep with a runny or blocked nose? How likely are you to push through a tough workout or complete work tasks when fighting a headache or muscle aches? That is why we recommend having our Organic Immunity Functional Blend as part of your daily immune-boosting routine. High in vitamin A, Iron, Copper and vitamin C, our Organic Immunity Blend has a zingy, delicious taste that will help you feel nourished at any time of the day. Have it in a glass of juice or try it with your favourite smoothie for a quick, refreshing afternoon snack. 


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