Turmeric - The Queen of Protective Herbs

Turmeric - The Queen of Protective Herbs

You may know it as part of your favourite curry recipe that leaves your fingertips stained. But there is so much more to the vibrant yellow powder sitting on your spice rack.

Curcuma Longa, more commonly known as turmeric, has been used for over 4000 years in the ancient health systems of Ayurveda. It has been celebrated as the ‘Queen of Protective Herbs’, which is certainly an appropriate title for many reasons. Abundant in vitamins and minerals, regularly consuming turmeric adds a variety of benefits and plenty of flavour.

So why is it so good for me?

  • Anti – inflammatory: curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric, has been found to reduce inflammation linked to many serious illnesses.
  • Protection from free radicals: free radicals may sound like an old school rock band but don’t be fooled. They are the cause of many diseases and are a known cause of ageing. Turmeric protects your body from these due to its ability to fight oxidative stress.
  • Digestive support: by increasing absorption within the gut and increasing gut flora (the good bacteria) turmeric helps to make sure that the digestive system is working as it should.
  • Rich in minerals: manganese and iron are both found in abundance in this fragrant spice and consuming it regularly is an easy and tasty way of adding more of these essential nutrients to your diet.

So explore your creativity with the ‘Queen of Protective Herbs’. We all know it as a curry staple but why not try something different? Mix some into your baking for an exotic spin on your favourite savoury treat, blend into your smoothie for an aromatic twist to your morning or add a teaspoon to a cup of warm milk for a soothing turmeric latte.

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