There is more to Acai than just Acai bowls...

There is more to Acai than just Acai bowls...

Known locally as the beauty berry, Acai berries – pronounced ‘ah-sah-ee' - are native to Central and South America and are traditionally harvested by Amazonian tribes in the rainforest. The sweet-tasting berries that make up our Organic Acai powder are hand-picked from Acai palm trees in Pará, Northern Brazil. This purple super berry is most commonly featured in delicious bowls or shakes but also works great in your morning porridge!

For each serve of Organic Acai powder, we take 270g of the fresh berries, wash them, extract the pulp, pasteurise and freeze them – all within twenty-four hours, locking in as much of the fresh Acai goodness as possible!

A serving of Naturya Organic Acai powder contains 107% of your recommended intake of vitamin A to support your immune system. It is a great addition to your diet, you can rely on it for bodily support on the inside and out, supporting skin health as well as immunity.

You can find a range of delicious and nutritious Acai recipes HERE, or check out this Layered Acai Boosted Chia Seed Pudding.


Acai powder - 125g Pouch