Superfoods to Help Lower Cholesterol

Anti ageing smoothie Cholesterol and arteries

"cholesterol is essential for the normal functioning of the body"

Cholesterol, that's unhealthy right? Help yourself with Acai!

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It’s unhealthy, right? Actually cholesterol is essential for the normal functioning of the body. There's "good" cholesterol that produces hormones helping brain and nerve cell development, and supporting general heart health. "Bad" cholesterol, comes from foods high in saturated and trans fats. This "bad" cholesterol can clog up our arteries restricting the oxygen and nutrients from getting around our bodies. Our bodies make cholesterol, but much of it comes from our diet. So it’s important we reduce the bad fats, increase the good fats and make sure we're getting plenty of omega 3. Oily fish, and superfoods like chia, hempseed and flaxseed have particularly high amounts. When we exercise regularly, we can help keep our hearts healthy. If we look after our bodies we can help keep our cholesterol levels at bay.

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