Eating the right nutrients after exercise is essential to help your body recover. A post-workout meal should include a combination of carbohydrates and proteins to help your body rebuild energy stores and repair muscles.

But you should also be refuelling with plenty of antioxidants to aid your body in recovery.

Antioxidants are essential to fighting free radicals, harmful molecules that can damage your cells.

After a sweaty workout, free radicals are swarming around your body. Exercising increases the activity of free radicals, potentially leading to oxidative stress, premature aging and inflammation.

Antioxidants are beneficial for your health since they help to aid digestion and boost immunity. They are also armed with ammunition to fight free radicals protecting your body against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

How can I load up with Antioxidants?

An Acai Bowl is packed with nourishing nutrients and protein, perfect for boosting your energy levels either before or after a workout. Acai impressively contains 3 times your daily requirement of manganese which helps to protect the body from oxidative stress.

Adding Hemp Protein powder to a smoothie bowl provides your body with plant protein to help your body build lean muscle, maintain energy levels and aid muscle recovery. Our hemp protein powder is high in protein (containing 57%) and provides all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids.

Hemp is high in zinc which contributes to maintaining your bones and the protecting your cells against the effects of oxidative stress.

Why not get creative with your smoothie bowl toppings by adding Chia Seeds and Goji Berries for an additional boost.

Loading your post-workout plate with antioxidants can reduce the damage on your body caused by free radicals. But remember that maintaining a healthy consistent level of antioxidants in your diet is the most effective strategy. If you’re already fuelling up with antioxidants regularly, you’re already helping your body to keep your body in balance.