Superfoods to Help with Weight Management

Gym_lady_excercising Barley Grass smoothie

Getting into shape can be tough, but with the right nutritional know-how it doesn't need to be so hard. . .

Regulate your metabolism with the help of barley grass, spirulina & chlorella.

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. . . So here are some tips to help keep us on track. Stress and anxiety are common culprits in tempting us to overeat or eat the wrong foods. We can consider keeping a food log to pay attention to how much and why we are eating. When we're hungry, it may be a lack of nutrients that is causing the hunger pangs. A well-balanced diet, with good nutrients, can help give us energy and the feeling of being full. Our thyroid gland works to regulate our metabolism in our bodies and we need iodine to keep it working well. Foods such as spirulina, chlorella, milk and eggs contain iodine. Chromium in our bodies helps regulate our blood glucose levels. When our bodies are low in chromium we may be tempted to reach for the wrong foods. We can replenish our levels by eating foods such as broccoli and barleygrass, spirulina and chlorella. Finally we know that being more active can make a big difference. Exercise not only burns calories, but releases endorphins that lift our mood too. It's the small steps that can make sa big difference, and help us feel proud of ourselves.

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