Superfoods to Help with Cold & Flu

Acai pancakes Man with flu

The common cold. We all know the miserable signs of one. The virus spreads quickly and when it attacks our nose and throat . . .

Boost your body’s defense system with our vitamin rich Green Blend

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. . . our immune system starts to defend. Which is when we start to feel weak and unwell. So what can we do to help us get back on our feet? It’s important our bodies get the nutrition they need for our immune system to function the best it can. Having a healthy and balanced diet rich in wholefoods, fruit, vegetables, and of course lots of fluids is a great start. When we're down, an extra dose of vitamin C, B6, B12, zinc, or copper can help support your immune system – they’re all found in our green superfood blend. By taking the right nutrients we can help get ourselves back on track.

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