Naturya Superfoods

Single Ingredients

Our range of single ingredients contain no fillers, no other ingredients apart from what it says on the tin.

White mulberries - DE

White Mulberries

from: €5.49

Goji berries - DE

Goji Berries

from: €9.99

Cacao Powder - DE

Cacao Powder

from: €8.49

Chia Seeds - DE

Chia Seeds

from: €8.49

Hemp Protein Powder - DE

Hemp Protein Powder

from: €14.99

Wheatgrass Powder - DE

Wheatgrass Powder

from: €14.99

Maca Powder - DE

Maca Powder

from: €11.99

Cocoa Nibs - DE

Cocoa Nibs

from: €6.49

Spirulina Powder - DE

Spirulina Powder

from: €13.99

Acai Powder - DE


from: €19.99