We’re now running on green energy

At Naturya we have a vision to create and run a business that works alongside nature and respects the life and nourishment it brings. For us, being a sustainable business means looking at our impact upon the world around us and taking action to care for the planet.

We're constantly looking to make sustainable choices as a business, both internally and externally. One part of this is our energy consumption. We're now proud to announce we are running entirely on green, renewable energy at our office in Bath. We're looking to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, with a business commitment towards achieving carbon neutrality as soon as possible with integrity and transparency. Switching to renewable energy is a huge step forwards in that journey of zero emissions. 'Renewable' means our energy is sourced from natural resources that are constantly replenished by nature, and hence we don't rely on burning fossil fuels that pollute the planet.  

Whilst we see this as a huge step in the right direction, we're still working hard to ensure a holistic, sustainable approach is intertwined across all aspects of the business. We'll be making a few changes over the next few months to further align our actions with our goals.

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