At Naturya, we have a vision to create and run a business that works alongside nature and respects the life and nourishment it brings. To be sustainable means looking at our impact upon the world around us and taking action to care for the planet.

Sourcing the most powerful ingredients from all over the world, we work closely with our suppliers, building close, long-lasting relationships. That’s why we pay our organic growers fair, sustainable prices for the love and care they show our foods. We believe that being fair produces better food and a better world.

Inspired by the latest innovations for sustainable packaging, we are continually exploring recyclable packaging options for all our products. It can be a challenge to find suitable packaging without compromising on the quality and shelf life of the food we provide, but we are committed to finding a solution in the near future.

Being sustainable also means taking local action too and looking after the communities we live in. That’s why we’re promoting in-house recycling schemes for both our office sites and reducing food waste by donating to local food bank initiatives. Our care and respect for the Earth still drive our vision of being a company that does their part to nurture the planet and the life it brings.

We're now proud to announce we are running entirely on green, renewable energy at our office in Bath. We're looking to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, with a business commitment towards achieving carbon neutrality as soon as possible with integrity and transparency. Switching to renewable energy is a huge step forwards in that journey of zero emissions. 'Renewable' means our energy is sourced from natural resources that are constantly replenished by nature, and hence we don't rely on burning fossil fuels that pollute the planet.